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Composite EPSP

The term Single Fiber EPSP or composite EPSP was first
introduced by Burke [11], and later used by Sheppard [6]
page 91 and calculated by Larkum et al [8]. The single fiber
EPSP is the result in the soma of the simultaneous activation
of a pool of synapses located at different positions on the
same dendritic branch. This co-activation is deterministic as
long as they are all synapses from the same pre-synaptic
neuron. In this setting, a single spike in a presynaptic cell
activates its entire pool of synapses. The generated EPSPs
are combined to create a composite EPSP in a deterministic
fashion, with S representing the number of synapses in the
pool and F the total number of incoming spikes arriving at tf
times. Using the previous equations 1 to 4 we can write the
equation of the composite EPSP, for each time t and for each
position p on the dendrite: