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Perception : spatio-temporal spikes patterns

All our perceptions from the world are coded in our brain by spatio-temporal patterns of spikes : In a mathematical word there are binary matrices. Those data look like the raster plot figure on the left.

When we recognize an object the brain recognize in fact a specific spatio-temporal spikes pattern (STSP) or a sequence of STSPs or a set of STSPs.

If the brain is not able to recognize any memorized STSP, our actions manipulate the object in all directions in order to enter a specific configuration of stimuli which in turn create a specific STSP that can be recognized.

The TempUnit model showed in this website will demonstrate that it can:

  • detect (recognize) a specific STSP
  • detect a noisy STSP
  • detect an incomplete STSP

What Artificial Intelligence would look like when it is only about manipulation of STSPs ?