Frequential neuron, qualitative results.

I developed a C++ software to simulate the dendritic computation implemented by equations 1 to 5. This software simulates a single neuron with a single dendrite. This neuron receives inputs from a neuronal layer called receptive field (RF) neurons all of which are spiking point neurons. Using this software, we calculated the membrane potential at each position on the dendrite and at the soma for differing numbers of synapses, synaptic positions and spike input patterns.

The configuration tested first was that of a frequential neuron with an 80μm long dendrite, a passive propagation velocity: v=1 μ, and one RF neuron as input projecting 20 regularly spaced synapses. Each synapse had a synaptic weight of 6 mV, a rise time constant of 1ms and a general time constant of 2ms.

A first spike train of 33 spikes was used to stimulate the dendrite computing (DC) neuron: B. C shows the response for this particular input. The membrane potential increased gradually until reaching a maximum at about 115mV above the resting potential that was arbitrarily set to 0mV.

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