Constant EPSP

Certain studies have showed that synapses have a stable
influence that is independent of their distance to the soma, a
phenomenon referred to as “equal vote” or “dendritic
democracy” [12], [13]. In this setting, the synaptic weights
and time constant would be modified in order to obtain the
same EPSP at the soma level for all the synapses i.e.
distance-dependent scaling [14]. If we consider that the
propagation times remain different, we can calculate a
composite EPSP with stable amplitude of several tens of
milliseconds. To obtain this type of effect in the soma it is
necessary to organize the synapses in a regular manner along
the dendrite with the synaptic weights increasing with
distance to the soma. We will call this particular
configuration the “frequency sensitive setting” and all the
others “spatio-temporal sensitive”. Here we demonstrate that
neurons organized in a frequency sensitive manner (hereafter
named frequential neurons) are able to « count » the spikes
that arrive within a specific time interval, a phenomenon
which itself depends on the dendritic length and the
propagation speed. With a constant EPSP shape, the neuron
becomes particularly sensitive to the average firing rate of
the global pattern but reacts little to changes in the precise
timing of each spike

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